I do not have enough words to explain my care for Chelcea and how much I trust in her services. She has transformed me from someone who most likely would never compete again to someone who wants to step on stage every chance they can get. If it were not for Chelcea I would not have gotten as far as I have, and I’ve only competed three times!

Chelcea took me in as a tomboy and taught me how to bring out my true “sass”. I learned how to pose properly, but most importantly I looked natural doing it. She brought out drive and confidence that I did not even know I possessed within.

She dialed me in PERFECTLY for the last month and truly let me know she cared by checking in every single day. I saw drastic changes with my body during the last four weeks and without her I would have had no idea what to do on show day! When I got 2nd place I knew I was ecstatic and could not wait to tell her. She cared so genuinely for me as a client and friend that after I told her the results, and that I was ready for another show, she teared up. She wants the best and ONLY the best for all of her clients.

I often get asked who I get my “tips” and training from, when I’m at the gym and I always tell them they must see Chelcea. She provides a professional and friendly environment and I promise you that you wont walk away after an hour with her without a smile on your face. Whether you use her for personal training, nutrition, or posing, I promise you that your money is more than worth her services.

Melissa Creal

<Love ya Chelcea!>

Melissa Creal BeforeMel Creal After