While preparing for my very first NPC bikini competition I soon realized that cutting weight was only half the battle! I had to show confidence and sass on that stage, I had to own it, I had to be a showstopper! Before training for this competition I struggled with insecurities about my body and wouldn’t be caught dead in a bikini so this was going to be a huge challenge for me. I had cut the weight but my mentality and poise on that stage could make or break me. Chelcea taught me how to stand tall and confident, walk with pride and attitude, and absorb every bit of that spotlight because I had earned it. She made me feel comfortable and proud thus bringing out my inner diva! Her knowledge and experience gave me all the tools I needed to best represent myself on that stage and it paid off as I walked away with 5th place in my class!

Thank you for everything Chelcea! Can’t wait to do another show this spring/summer :)
Kali Jones

Kali Jones2 Kali Jones after with Bethany