I’m not exactly sure why or how I got into the competitive fitness world, but I do not that my first show was a disaster! Physically, I was where I wanted to be, but mentally I was a wreck! I was terrified and was completely unprepared to be on stage.

I watched Chelcea from a distance backstage with her “girls” and knew instantly that I would do another show and that she would be in my corner! It was obvious that she knew her stuff, but also that she genuinely cared for the girls she was working with.

When I first began working with Chelcea, I was nervous, unsure of myself and insecure. Coordination has never been my strong point… I can literally injure myself standing still. So you can see how the idea of ever gracefully rocking the stage seemed completely out if reach.

Before long, I was completely enveloped in the sense of comradry that comes with being a “Showstopper”… My confidence began to build and long story short, I won “Best Presentation” at my last show!

Getting my body where I wanted it to be was just the tip of the iceberg…the friendships, self-confidence and poise that I gained from working with Chelcea are absolutely priceless!

I can’t say enough amazing things about the One Eighty Team… There are people that “talk the talk” and then people that “walk the walk”. Chelcea and co. spend their time, energy and talents helping people achieve their dreams and I will forever be grateful!

Jen Maher

Jen Maher