My name is Elizabeth Jenkins and I have been competing with the NPC in women’s figure since 2008. I have always done extremely well with all of my contests, placing in the top 3. Even though I placed well against some of the best, I felt I was lacking something on stage. That is when decided to reach out to Chelcea, I had heard from other girls how great she was to work with and I really needed some positive encouragement in my life. My first session I was a little shy and intimidated, I have always been very insecure about myself. Chelcea helped me knock down that wall of insecurities. She taught me how to bring out my confidence with every step I took and every pose I hit. She is also extremely supportive towards me as a person, an athlete, business women, mother, and most importantly I gained a wonderful friendship. She took the time to help make sure I shined on stage. After posing with Chelcea I took home my first 1st win at the 2011 Battle of Champions in Davenport, IA and after that went on to place 6th at my very first National Level Show out of an impressive 60 plus women. My experience working with Chelcea has been nothing but great and I look forward to continuing to work with her through out my career as a Figure Competitor not only with posing but having a positive life coach in my life.

Liz Jenkins

Just recently Liz had come to me with an interest in Physique. We spent 1 hour creating a routine, which was effortless due to the grace in transition and poise she had developed. Only a week to learn before she hit the stage, Liz took home a 1st Runner up placing in both Figure and Physique. The following week she won her long awaited PRO Status.

Liz Jenkins Before

Coached by Kenny Tali and Co- Coached by Chelcea Gonzales

Coached by Kenny Tali and Co- Coached by Chelcea Gonzales






Liz Jenkins Video After The Big Win!