I started my journey at about 360 pounds and 37.5 % bodyfat in the fall of 2010. Chelcea began working with me shortly after I decided to make the life changes that I did: today I tip the scales at 248 pounds and 12.2% bodyfat, with my ultimate goal to get to 8% bodyfat. Currently, Chelcea writes my diet and workouts to prepare me for the Tough Mudder and a half marathon race, both of which I plan on competing in the spring. Chelcea seems to always know how hard and far she can push my workouts to get results. She is always there to help me with any problems that I may be having with my workouts and diets; her response time to questions I have is very prompt. The personalized attention that she gives me, makes it feel that Chelcea goes far above and beyond my expectations to meet my needs. I truly believe that I would not have made it this far without her help!

Erik Negrete


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