Chelcea Gonzales

Chelcea Gonzales

Chelcea Lee Davis Gonzales

WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model

As a Lifestyle Coach in the fitness industry, I pride myself in the encouragment of others diets, training programs, self esteem, unveiling of showstopping physiques and competition stage presence. I teach through the encouragment of finding your own personal talent and drawing it out.

Programs are personally handeled and formulated by me. My clientele ranges from the individual looking to gradually make positive healthy changes, to the experienced athlete looking to be the best of themselves for competition. Working with both male and female physiques for any path you are on.

Like every young woman growing up I struggled with self-image and always wanting to have the model type body. It was beaten into my head that the skinniest girl was the prettiest girl. Wanting to be the next top model I knew I had the dedication to get the look of the girls I saw in the high fashion magazines because I wanted it bad enough. Knowing what I know now alone, makes me so much more passionate about spreading the word of fitness to men, women and competitors that may be impacted the way that I was growing up.

Being shown the realization that a fit and confident woman was a beautiful woman through opening my eyes to see past a mirror, I began a journey to my own greatness and had to share with the world. I couldn’t believe that my own mentality had been affected so badly by the world of modeling I was currently in, that I put my health in such danger.  My approval from agencies and photographers was fed by self-doubt and manipulation that the confidence of, being so sexy, was all but lost. I opened my eyes real inspirational Models, Athletes and hard working individuals that surrounded themselves with achievements, hard work and goals. When I began my Lifestyle Change I never looked back and have been reaching goals ever since and welcoming others to join me and teach them along the way.


1st Runner up Ms Planet Beach Omaha 2009

3rd in Beginners Class Heartland Classic 2010

3rd in Novice Tall Heartland Classic 2010

3rd in Open Figure Tall Heartland Classic 2010

Omaha Triathlon 3rd place Team Finisher 2010

1st in 2011 Nutri-Sport Natural NANBF Central Midwest Novice Figure Tall

1st in 2011 Nutri-Sport Natural NANBF Central Midwest Novice Figure Overall

3rd in 2011 Nutri-Sport Natural NANBF Central Midwest Open Figure

1st in 2011 WBFF US Central Championships Kansas City Figure Tall

6th in 2011 WBFF New England Championship Figure Tall

2nd in 2011 WBFF New England Championship Diva Fitness Model

PRO Status Awarded

2012 WBFF World Championship Contender

7th in 2013 WBFF Montreal Championships

Top 25 in 2014 WBFF World Championships


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